Information technology and their types

Information technology is a set of processes for collecting, storing, protecting and processing confidential and open data to improve their quality. Also, experts use it to solve different tasks in commercial, political, educational, financial and economic fields. Today, information technologies are types of organisational tools that simplify the process of interaction between employers and employees […]

Information technology in banks

Information technology in the banking field is rapidly developing today. Digital channels for customer service dominate the financial services market. The pandemic has contributed to the digitization of many professional processes, making remote customer service a priority for any financial organisation. So, the automation of banking processes is carried out in several directions. Remote communication […]

How much does IT downtime cost?

Not only do online retailers suffer from lost sales and decreased revenue, but SaaS providers must worry about unmet Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Fintech firms are susceptible to any form of downtime as it compromises their customers’ ability to execute actual transactions. Ultimately, all companies can easily be affected by decreased productivity levels if they […]

Introduction to cryptocurrency investing – what you need to know

Are you thinking of investing in cryptocurrency? If so, it’s essential to understand the basics before taking the plunge. From setting up a crypto wallet and researching potential acquisitions to understanding trading fees and taxes, there are many things to believe when getting started. We’ll introduce them in this blog post, so read on for […]

Crypto risks: how to protect IT-business

Cryptocurrencies have been on the rise in recent years, with more and more businesses and individuals using them to conduct transactions. While this increased use is generally seen as a positive development, it has also increased the number of crypto risks businesses need to be aware of.  This article outlines some of the significant risks […]

Applications, electronics and cars that have patents in IT business

After you decide to start your IT business, you should plan to patent your software and products in advance. The list of objects to create a patent depends on the state in which you plan to develop your business in the field of IT. There is no need for a product that is developed from […]

The impact of the chip crisis on IT and business

The fact is that this can significantly undermine the financial position of a number of IT companies. Then any convenient APK download site will stop receiving new programs. However, you can download the Fildo app at any time, but if you need heavier programs, you will have to find a solution to this problem.

New battery technology

Digital devices play an important role in our world. Smartphones, players, voice recorders and smart watches are constantly improving and becoming more functional and modern. However, this technique has a component that combines all these items. These are batteries that must also be continuously improved to ensure the operation of devices. Smartphones can last up […]

Tesla technologies

Tesla is used to surprising people. It presents its developments, technologies and innovative solutions regularly. Every time this corporation announces another technology, we can say with certainty that it will be grand and unlike anything else. In this article, we describe the most recent developments of Tesla, which have made a great contribution to the […]

Business process automation technologies

The world around us is constantly changing, and today, business owners must make decisions at high speed, be multitasking workers and be able to reduce risks. Robotizing organisations will help in this difficult task. It will help you restructure your business and make the machines start to perform certain duties. The staff members themselves will […]