What are the advantages of fitness trackers?

Many people who play sports or lead an active lifestyle buy fitness trackers. This intelligent device is indispensable for counting steps taken, monitoring heart rate and breathing, and calculating distance covered and calories burned. Users can transfer the information their tracker provides to any device and use it to track their training statistics. Features of […]

Best assistants for a modern home: top-5 smart speakers

Smart speakers are more than just devices for finding and listening to music. They have built-in knowledgeable voice assistants, allowing users to control any smart devices connected to their smart home ecosystem comfortably. Apple Home Pod The Apple Home Pod is the best smart speaker for syncing with Apple devices that uses the company’s proprietary […]

Music without wires: how modern headphones work

Wireless headphones are a great way to listen to music, and they greatly simplify the lives of those music fans whose wires were constantly tangled or broken. Types of headphones Wireless headphones work based on several technologies that transmit sound from their source. There are three types of headphones, depending on their shape: Over-ear models. […]

Cryptocurrency mixers: a modern solution for anonymity

Although cryptocurrencies, in general, are considered entirely confidential, the digital trail of transactions with them stores information about when and from where the operations were made. It is possible to find out quite a lot about the owner of a cryptocurrency wallet. But there is a solution to keep yourself safe if you are an […]