Although cryptocurrencies, in general, are considered entirely confidential, the digital trail of transactions with them stores information about when and from where the operations were made. It is possible to find out quite a lot about the owner of a cryptocurrency wallet. But there is a solution to keep yourself safe if you are an active cryptocurrency user. We are talking about cryptocurrency mixers, of course. These services mix coins with others, ensuring absolute anonymity of transactions. illustrates a perfect blender, which users worldwide like for its fastest work and meager commission, which is only 0.7%.

Still, need to believe that mixers provide an excellent service? Is the extreme anonymity of Bitcoin a proven thing? Just face facts then: almost all exchanges ask for some personal information from users and verify it, and every transaction is recorded by a blockchain, which is also transparent and open to all, so there is probably no anonymity at all. Anyone can view the history of transactions. A prime example of surveillance could be something that had happened before: a report was once leaked to the press in which the U.S. and the Security Agency tried to track every cryptocurrency user and analyze their transfers.


But how reliable are mixers in general?

Theoretically, mixers offer a complete guarantee of privacy. And that’s generally true, even though there is still some possibility of tracking. “But how so?” you might ask. The fact is that there are analytics giants in the blockchain industry, such as Chainalysis and Bitfury, that have unique algorithms that can track coins after they pass through the mixer. These companies often fulfill orders from the U.S. government to track certain transactions.

But it is worth adding that they are not interested in disturbing ordinary users. So if you only use cryptocurrency for legal purposes, you have nothing to worry about. But it would help if you also were careful that many fake mixers are on the Internet. Under their types, some projects simply appropriate users’ cryptocurrency after they send it.  In any case, using a blender when dealing with crypto-assets allows you to ensure not only the highest degree of anonymity but also safety. Such services are a modern and advanced solution that keeps up with the times.