In the recent past, people could not communicate as easily as today. There were barriers, such as language and transportation, that prevented them from connecting, communicating, and cooperating. The language barrier is an essential issue of that because the great distance was a big problem for people to be able to communicate without crossing it.

But much has changed in the world with the development of information technology. Today, you can hardly imagine that half a century ago, people lived without the Internet and could not buy plane tickets from the phone via the balance of an electronic wallet or card.

Nevertheless, the IT field significantly simplified communication between people too. There are many special applications like Hi Dictionary that help with this. This excellent program supports instant translation between hundreds of different languages.

Hi Dictionary features

Previously, people from individual countries could not communicate with people from other countries or draw information from alternative sources due to language barriers, making their lives very difficult. Today, Hi Dictionary will help you forget about it.

This program helps users translate the interface of other applications and sites in one click. For the modern world, it is one of the most global dictionaries. You should visit specialized sites to find this program and other free apps.

There, developers and publishers upload unique programs with detailed descriptions and the ability to download them as APK files. For example, you can start the Credy app download process or find ExpressVPN for Android.

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You will surely be pleased by this range of software for mobile devices. In the process of studying them, you will understand a lot of new issues in IT and their impact on the daily life of each person. For example, you will be able to conduct transactions through online banking, pay for various services, and buy goods. There are also many different leisure apps that will help you with interest to watch movies, listen to music, play games, and read books. Today, useful programs have become very relevant tools for leisure, entertainment, everyday activities, and work. This makes life easier for modern people and makes it more exciting even in everyday life.

Hi Dictionary functions

  1. Instant offline text translation. With this, you can quickly understand what a person is talking about that asks the app in a foreign language even without an internet connection.
  2. Learning other languages. You can use the appropriate function to learn several dozen new words every day.
  3. Instant text correction. If you need to translate some text or your statement into a foreign language, Hi Dictionary will help with the correct layout. This program will give you grammar tips, and you will not worry about errors in your text.
  4. Text recognition and translation. This is one of the extremely valuable options of Hi Dictionary, which is that you can connect this application to a camera, and then it will read foreign inscriptions, recognize them and provide you with their translation.
  5. The program currently supports 108 languages.

Now you can download Hi Dictionary and get acquainted with foreigners, as well as go abroad or read websites, apps, and docs in foreign languages. This program will translate text for you finely and quickly, and then any user will understand what is at stake in it. Our parents could only dream of such opportunities when they were young.

To date, Hi Dictionary has been downloaded 15 million times. The overall rating of this program from users is more than 4.0. That’s why you should not doubt that this program will be useful for you. It has free distribution on the Internet, has a volume of up to 50 MB, and all modern versions of Android will support it as well.