Many people who play sports or lead an active lifestyle buy fitness trackers. This intelligent device is indispensable for counting steps taken, monitoring heart rate and breathing, and calculating distance covered and calories burned. Users can transfer the information their tracker provides to any device and use it to track their training statistics.

Features of fitness trackers

The small and compact device you can attach to your wrist or clothing has many functions. Several sensors located in a tiny capsule help to measure various indicators:

  1. Accelerometer. It counts the number of steps taken and measures the distance covered. It can also warn users about prolonged inactivity if they need it. Minor errors are possible, but they do not affect the statistics of training results in the long term.
  2. Heart rate monitor. It uses a photoplethysmography sensor to receive and collect information about users’ heart rates. The technology illuminates the capillaries with LEDs and registers the reflected light. The faster the heart rate, the greater the blood flow in the veins and the stronger the light absorption. The sensor interprets readings and notifies users when their heart rate increases.
  3. Gyroscope. It tracks the tilt and position of the device in space, thereby recognizing different types of activity. This helps to increase the accuracy of counting steps and not to count them when users are in transport.
  4. Calorie counter. It is a unique calculator that considers users’ individual parameters. The most important thing is the amount of physical activity the pedometer determines. Based on this information, the device determines the amount of energy expended and calories burned.
  5. Sleep tracker. The accelerometer and heart rate monitor determines the position of the body, pulse, breathing, and heartbeat of users to track the change in the phases of their sleep.

There are also many other essential features, including moisture protection and notifications for incoming calls and text messages. The built-in GPS module helps users determine their location and plot a route.

Fitness tracker

Motivation is key

Motivation is a quality that is difficult to acquire and maintain, especially when switching to a new fitness regime. People quickly lose motivation if they do not control their every move and give in to the fear of failure. In sports, coaches help them overcome difficulties and keep fighting.

They handle all aspects of training, monitor performance, and provide timely assistance. When people exercise on their own or lead an active lifestyle, they entrust the task of monitoring and control to fitness trackers. Their monitoring tools allow users to keep track of all their activities and meaningful metrics and improve self-discipline.

The indicators of the distance covered and calories burned to motivate people to walk more and improve their performance every day, and this will have a positive effect on their bodies. Besides, fitness trackers send users reminders to take a walk and increase their activity if they are inactive for a long time.

Nothing but benefits

Fitness trackers provide users with all the data they need to track their activity. These intelligent devices combine a large number of different advantages:

  1. The ability to choose any sport. The device automatically detects the type of activity performed and correctly calculates the physical load when the user switches from walking to running and back. Users can combine different sports.
  2. Saving all data in the application on the user’s smartphone.
  3. Sleep phase tracking allows users to set the alarm and wake up at the most favorable time for them. This helps them wake up refreshed and ready for a new day.
  4. Tracking physical activity throughout the day allows users who lead a sedentary lifestyle to stay in shape.
  5. The heart rate monitor helps users keep track of their cardiovascular health.
  6. Assisting people with chronic diseases who need to constantly monitor the state of their body to consult a doctor promptly.

Smart devices are suitable for everyone, regardless of gender, age, level of physical fitness, and amount of physical activity. They can help users monitor their body’s needs and solve any problems in time, motivate them to new achievements, and make it much easier for them to count calories if they want to lose weight.