In 2022, the chip situation became particularly influential. Some States are trying to solve this problem by stimulating the production of semiconductors, but the result of such activities will be delayed. So far, many electronics manufacturers are forced to look to the future with anxiety and lay the risk that at the right time they will not be able to produce the number of smartphones, washing machines or cars they need. There is a huge assortment of products that today use chips.

In addition, representatives of IT-business also suffered losses. The fact is that such programs are often designed to upgrade devices. In case of problems with the introduction and implementation of these novelties, the preliminary estimates will be false. The fact is that this can significantly undermine the financial position of a number of IT companies. Then any convenient APK download site will stop receiving new programs. However, you can download the Fildo app at any time, but if you need heavier programs, you will have to find a solution to this problem.

Semiconductor market prospects

The European Commission has proposed a solution that should stimulate the semiconductor sector. We are thinking of a full process cycle, such as research and development of production lines and supply chains. The British Government also evaluates issues that affect end-to-end chip chains. However, even in this situation, there is an opinion of experts who say that we will not get a solution to the problem with semiconductors in the near future.


At the same time, analysts predict that the global semiconductor industry will reach one trillion dollars by 2030. Such conclusions were based on the assumption that volume growth would be about two per cent per year and that the instability that prevailed in the global market today would be eliminated. When experts did their research, they noticed that chip shortages could cause problems in the global economy, because all industries today depend on the supply of these tiny silicon chips, which are so important for equipment.

We are confident that demand for chips will remain high, but analysts have done some research in the field of semiconductor manufacturers. They asked that chip manufacturers devote time to the global market and that this will have an impact on demand.

Impact of quarantine measures on global demand

2020 has shown us how states can implement tough quarantine policies that have led people to spend more time at home. Because of this, they need additional equipment such as gadgets. Moreover, users of computers and smartphones began to watch movies and TV shows online often and extensively. This phenomenon has caused an increase in the load on most cloud services. This is evidenced by the Touchcric service, which helps users watch cricket broadcasts online.

As a result, manufacturers of machinery began to need semiconductors and chips. Electronics prices began to rise rapidly. However, demand for cars became low, resulting in the car manufacturers not placing orders for the purchase of chips. However, car sales soon recovered, but the purchase of semiconductors became a challenge for manufacturers.

The fact is that many other chip manufacturers have already made a long-term commitment to other companies that are involved in the IT field and smartphone manufacturing. Also, smartphones will soon support standards such as 5G communication. According to analysts, by the end of 2022 their production will be more than 700 million units. In 2023, experts expect a real whirlwind in the field of production and sale of smartphones.