Digital devices play an important role in our world. Smartphones, players, voice recorders and smart watches are constantly improving and becoming more functional and modern. However, this technique has a component that combines all these items. These are batteries that must also be continuously improved to ensure the operation of devices. Smartphones can last up to two days without charging, because modern batteries give them this opportunity.

Quick charge

StoreDot is an Israeli corporation that presented new batteries for digital devices and electric cars that were created using lithium battery technology months earlier. Thanks to this development, you will be able to charge your electric car in a matter of minutes, and it will be able to move up to 500 km continuously. Such advanced batteries will use a new compound that is more secure. However, scientists will develop an improved cooling system for connectors and cables, as they will run very high current through them.

Quick charge

Charging smartphone from human voice

British experts have created a smartphone, which can be charged from the voice of a person and the noise of the city, which is constantly everywhere. This technology has a piezoelectric effect, and it allows this technique to become a reality. Already today, there are some special generators that operate from any kind of noise and create electric current to provide power to small batteries.

Moreover, in the past, noise has only caused inconvenience to people, but today, our community will be able to use it for the benefit of all people. That’s why we can only talk on the phone and charge it at the same time. Such a useful feature will surely be liked by every modern smartphone or tablet user. There is big hope that this technology will become part of our reality soon and we will be able to use it without restrictions.

Endless batteries as future technology

Limited energy is one of the biggest problems of modern batteries. Mankind has long dreamed of creating such a battery, which they would not have to change. Finally, this dream has become a reality. A novelty like this has already been created at UCLA. So, such a battery has such components as nano-conductors, which can withstand up to 200 thousand cycles of charging. Moreover, their capacity does not decrease over time. New technologies in the production of batteries make them more adapted to the modern world and the needs of users.

Phone charging on the move

Even simple clothing can be power generators for batteries. Researchers at the University of Surrey in England are convinced of this, and based on this assertion, they have created special electrical microscopic generators that extract energy from the surface of clothing when a person is in motion. This energy can be stored and then, the transformers turn it into lithium energy for the batteries. However, it can also be used to charge mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Even the walls of houses and the wheels of cars can be used as energy sources in this technology.

Thanks to this technology, night lights can be lit automatically and without energy consumption. Accumulator batteries, the new technologies of which are not developing so quickly, have already had time to change in recent times. We are sure that soon we will be able to use endless batteries and not think about where to find a charger and socket nearby to use our favourite devices without restrictions.