The modern world is full of technological trends. Each influences all fields of human activity, such as education, business, and everyday tasks. Innovative technologies transform societies and lead them to progress. According to experts, shortly, humankind will come to the age of digital society. Different industries are influenced by innovation and scientific achievements, so the field of casino games started implementing the best information technology trends in its activity.

The IT progress has led society to make mobile and computer technologies ubiquitous. Mobile gadgets such as smartphones and tablets allow people in many aspects of life. As a result, the number of information systems people use in their homes and workplaces has increased, as has the amount of data stored in these systems.

The casino industry is no exception in this IT field development process. Several gamblers have begun to use mobile devices for betting, so owners of online casinos and traditional city establishments have felt the need to improve the security of their customer’s data. In this writing, we will examine the benefits of blockchain technology for the casino business and find out how the JetX casino game players get an improved service.

Blockchain technology and casino gaming: contact points

Application and resource virtualization or transition to cloud computing have become major technological trends in recent years. Virtualization technology helps professionals eliminate the risk of physical platform dependency. Cloud computing allows them to combine the information technology of different companies or game projects. The strength of cloud computing is that it provides lower maintenance costs for every game project of a particular casino or gaming studio.

At the same time, information technology controllability between these projects is growing. With cloud computing technology, gaming companies can focus computing power on the most important systems, such as game components or in-game transactions. This includes casino games like the 1Win Jet X and multiplayer online games like MMORPG projects.

1Win Jet X
Jet X

Nevertheless, we invite you to talk about blockchain technology. The fact is that the popularity and ubiquity of information technologies have brought the problem of information security to a new level. Confidential user information is often protected only by a weak combination of several symbols in the password.

That is, the anonymity of modern gamers and gamblers is pretty relative. The maximum a user can provide for online security is remembering several passwords for different websites and mobile apps. Moreover, according to statistics, mobile device users are far less vigilant on the Internet. Let’s just say that if a person loses his or her smartphone or someone steals it, this would be like losing a credit card with an unhidden PIN.

To solve the security problem on the Internet, developers began to implement updated methods of encryption of confidential information. Blockchain technology is a data system or a huge distributed public database that does not have a particular manual. A specialized category of users verifies transactions.

Today, all transactions involving money, documents, and other sensitive data require timely and accurate verification of the authenticity of transactions. The blockchain system provides such verification quickly and independently by miners. The essence of this method is that the verification of transactions takes place only by reading the program code, and the confidential data about the identity of the owner of money or documents are not mentioned and are still hidden, as well as his or her confidential data.

Blockchain technology provides particular advantages for its users:

  1. Self-support. The structure and mechanisms of the blockchain system allow users to not worry about having to contact intermediaries. For example, blockchain technology makes the participation of notaries, lawyers, banks, or payment systems unnecessary.
  2. Security. No Internet user can fake or delete an entry made in a blockchain. This refers to hackers as well.
  3. Accessibility. Users can apply to blockchain systems at any time and anywhere if they have access to the Internet. The fact is that the blockchain system does not have administrators. As a result, there are no breaks, outputs, or technological failures.
Casino games
Casino games

The gambling community has benefited from this progress, especially from blockchain technology. Moreover, casino developers and management regularly support their customers through special communication channels. In chat rooms and channels, users can get a bonus code, Jet X, that gives gamblers some free spins. This attracts many new customers to the casino business, so today, millions of users have tried the Jet X demo game betting.


Information technology is changing the lives of humanity for the better. Thanks to them, people have gained many benefits from digitalization. Mobile devices and computers have spread, so today, no modern person would use a smartphone every day. Thanks to information technologies, specialists have been given tools to optimise business processes and automate the production of goods and services.

The casino industry has gained many advantages due to the development of the IT world, too. Thus, the level of cybersecurity of modern websites and mobile apps for casinos has increased significantly. Technological innovation has allowed developers to implement blockchain technology in online gambling. As a result, online gamblers have become more secure and encrypted. Today, every gambler can not worry about the security of his bet Jet X login or other account components.